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Wireworks SPIROS KONTOS & SIA EE offers complete services since 1962 with a pioneering development and continuous effort in the creation of innovative solutions in wire industry and metal works.

since 1962

Iron and Iron Ware Trading

The company “Επιχ/σεις Σπύρος Κοντός & Σια ΕΕ” is active on Iron and Ironware Trading at a 2000sqm privately owned facilities in the city center. In cooperation with specialized and experienced workshops, KONTOS Wires offers the following services:

“Kontos Security” offers all kinds of iron works and fencing by specialized and experienced workshops, security rolls and bars, garage doors.

Armored doors, interior doors, metallic staircases, wooden interior and exterior staircases, loft stairs, aluminum frames.

since 1980

Corfu Fencing – Wire Mesh Industry

KONTOS Wire Mesh Industry is producing wire mesh of various kinds using the latest Japanese-made wire mesh machines, capable of enormous production. Hexagonal structure wire mesh for fencing, as well as pillars from piles and steel angles of any diameter and dimension.

In the category of hexagonal wire mesh, KONTOS Corfu Wire holds the first place in Greece in quality and conducts its products all over Greece. The hexagonal mesh is now the spearhead of the industry after the big gap “ΔΑΡΙΓΚ” left, offering consequently the highest quality wire mesh industry services in the Greek market.


until Today


KONTOS Corfu Wire, apart from the provision of excellent quality iron products, the company has ensured for the longevity of those products by offering maintenance services for iron products like frames, rolls, garage doors etc.

When purchasing our products, our company provides important maintenance tips so that you can keep the products in the best possible condition for the longest possible time, with excellent appearance and efficiency.